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Poly Decks®


Roof and Wall Panels

Factory Laminated
Long Term Performance
Energy Efficient
"Ozone - Friendly"
Cost Efficient

POLY DECKS® Roof and Wall Panels

Log & Rafter Construction

Poly Decks® laminated roofing panels are high quality Expanded Polystyrene Foam Core Panels offering the convenience of a complete, one stop roof system, ready for application of shingles or shakes. The one-piece components install directly to the rafters using spikes or nails depending on thickness required to reach specified R-value. Standard panels are 4' x 8' and include exterior oriented strand boiard (OSB) sheathing, the foam insulation and optional inside ceiling substrate. Common choices for the optional exposed interior of the panels are Gypsum Board, T & G Paneling, Perlite and Wood Fiberboard. We also laminate a slip sheet using foil or paper. The lamination of Poly Decks is performed under ideal factory conditions ensuring quality control procedures. Factory laminated product is superior to field laminated systems and saves time and cost of field labor.

Expanded Polystyrene Foam Core

Expanded Polystyrene Foam Core (1.0# pcf density) Cellofoam® EPS insulation, as manufactured by Cellofoam North America Inc, is a modified expanded polystyrene. It is a rigid, foamed plastic with resilient closed cells that can be molded in a range of densities to meet special applications. Cellofoam EPS provides each of the characteristics required for long term performance; permanent R-value, inherent water resistance, excellent physical strength and dimensional stability, Unlike many other foam products, EPS is "Ozone - Friendly". EPS is CFC, HCFC, and formaldehyde free.

EPS Foam Core 3 1/2" 5 1/2" 7 1/4"
R-factors* (at 75*) 14.05 21.75 28.49
(at 40*) 17.17 23.51 30.81
*calculated R-factors are for the composite panel including EPS and one sheet of 7/16" OSB.
OSB (7/16" Standard)
Perlite 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" also available
Gypsum Board
Wood Fiberboard

Poly Decks laminated panels are suitable for walls, as well as roofs, of timber frame, post and beam, log and conventional structures. Built to spec with internal wiring channels and any combination of interior/exterior laminate, they offer a cost effective alternative to tedious framing between structural members. Laminated wall panels reduce cooling and heating cost because they form a solid thermal envelope around the structure, uninterruptible by studs, sills or headers. This substantially reduces air infiltration compared with conventional construction methods. Utilizing the optional foil inside face which acts as a vapor barrier, the wall panel reduces condensation. This adds up to energy efficiency and year round comfort.

Polydecks® Polydecks® (1562 KB)


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